As a pioneer in affordable prestige skincare, Emma couldn't find products that were up to her impeccable standards of efficacy, quality, and purity at affordable prices. So she started Vitamasques to make them - for herself, and for women like her who refuse to risk their health for beauty. If she doesn’t feel that a product is perfect, we won’t launch it.

Uncompromising Beauty for the Uncompromising Value Driven Consumer Looking for the Latest Innovations from the Far East.

Emma and her husband Majid have over a decade of experience in the spa and beauty business in London, England.  They have been running various spas, skincare clinics, and beauty apothecaries in the London area catering to discerning women from the greater London area as well as women from other parts of the world that travel through London.  During their careers they have worked with clients from all over the world with varying skin types and tones.  They understand what is healthy skin and what regimens are required to maintain good skin health.  They also keep up to date on the latest skincare trends, technologies, and techniques and bring these to their customers through their products and services.

In the mid 2000s while traveling through South Korea, Hong Kong, Japan, and Singapore Emma and Majid realized how much care women in this part of the world put into their daily skincare routine.  They noticed that women in their 60s looked as if they were in their 30s and 40s.  Emma and Majid realized there must be a reason for this and they started spending time with women, talking to them and learning about the latest products and technologies that were being developed in the Asian market.  They found women’s skincare has a long heritage in these countries, going back hundreds and thousands of years, using ancient ingredients and remedies in skincare that have been incorporated by beauty companies into products being developed in the market for local women.  Emma thought these products should be available to women in the West.

At VITAMASQUES, we produce beauty and skincare products which have been made using the latest and most innovative Korean technology with proven results. 

Our fundamental goal is to deliver cutting-edge beauty and skincare products from Korea, Japan and the Far East and make them available locally to consumers at affordable prices.

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