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Good Chat: Our New Hair Masques

So you might have seen we’ve been putting out some serious hype for our 2 new hair masques: Coconut & Argan and Blossom – and we want to talk to you a little about hair care and what our new masks can do for you.


We know we’ve been in the skin game a while, and don’t worry, we’re still kickin’ it bringing out new and exciting skin care products all through 2019 – but we thought if you’re showing off your glowing skin you’re going to want the hair to match, right?


We formulated these two masks to tackle two issues, dehydrated locks, and sad, limp hair. Our Coconut & Argan masque is perfect for all you guys with dry and stressed out hair and for all of you who might have gone a little too ham on the heat styling tools over winter (I’m definitely guilty)! Simply wash your hair as normal, run a generous amount through the ends of your hair (bonus points for using our Diamond Detangler – free with your pre-order) and relax for 20 mins. The formula is super creamy with minimal drip too. Once finished, rinse out the product and style as normal. You’ll find your hair to be instantly more hydrated with some added bounce, without weighing anything down.

 Photo by Amanda Gentilin from Pexels

Secondly, we want to talk about our Blossom masque. This is formulated to nourish your hair, to give it all it ever wanted and ever will need – use in the same way as explained before and you’ll find that the appearance of your dull, tired hair. This masque we definitely recommend if you have finer hair or have hair that’s in desperate need of some TLC.

Let us know which one you try. We wanna see (tag us in IG, we'll repost)!

Speak soon!

May 01, 2019 — Danny Balkwill

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