Jennie Lim: The Skincare Lovers' Lowdown – Vitamasques
Jennie Lim: The Skincare Lovers' Lowdown | Vitamasques

It’s officially the end of December, which means it's time to get serious about your Christmas sales shopping. We know it was hard enough to find the perfect gift for your special someone but now the sales are here to treat you for all your hard earned work over the festive period.

The Effortless

Sleep in UK Face Masks

Vitamasques Sleep-In Masks

What's better than masking? Why, lazy masking, of course. If you love your sleep more than life, this collection of adorable sleep-in masks is the perfect fit. They're totally foolproof and mess-free: all you have to do is mix the gel and cream with the little spoon, slap it on and head to bed. Glowing skin guaranteed the next day.

The Damage Control

Detox Face Mask Bundle UK

Vitamasques Cleanse & Detox Bundle

Let's face it: Christmas is a time for feasting. Lots of feasting. And come the new year, we'll all have to come to terms with all the skin-dully, and breakout-inducing repercussions. Help your skin gear up for detox season with this purifying line-up boasting, a clarifying charcoal sheet mask, a brightening cranberry sheet mask, an ultra-soothing hydrogel face mask, and rejuvenating orange eye slices.

The Super Glam

Gold Collection Bundle

You're now spoilt for choice with this superb collection of gold sheet masks. From diamond to marine collagen, the potent ingredients help cater for all winter skincare concerns. The best part? Each contains real 24 karat gold flakes to fight impurities and keep skin moisturised for that mega flawless look. (Plus, you're going to feel like a total diva while rocking 'em.)

The All-Inclusive


Vitamasques Anti-aging Bundle

Give yourself the gift of glow from head to toe with this bundle of skin-saving heroes. The hydrogel face mask keeps skin plump and hydrated for 120 hours, while the Marine Gold and Cranberry face masks helps it shine from within. Then create a home spa experience with luxurious hands and feet masks. Perfect for tired mums, overworked friends...or even yourself, if you're feeling cheeky!

The True Junkie

Vitamasques Korean Face Mask Box (Limited Edition)

One can never have too much skincare! Featuring all your favourite classics, this star-studded lineup is bound to be a winner with any skincare junkie. Not to mention the cherry on top: an ultra cute panda headband that'll turn heads even as you are busy masking. PS: it's limited edition, so grab it before it's gone!

Want even more choice? Shop all bundles here:

December 27, 2018 — Jennie Lim

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