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The 3-Mask-Plan: Acne | Vitamasques

Sheet masks can be used daily, but for more pimple prone skin and acne sufferers the products can still at times clog and aggravate your already sensitive skin, but you can still mask - you just need a plan. Have patience, it may seem like a long road but if you have a good plan for your skin, you’ll have some great results. Have faith in your skin, it does love you!


Imagine it’s Monday morning, you have a party or event this weekend and you’ve broken out! You’re going to need to schedule in some serious skin TLC. Your 3 goals should be:

  • Detox
  • Soothe
  • Hydrate

Day 1 is the detox stage. You want to make sure all the impurities in your skin are drawn out to halt any future breakouts that may be lurking beneath. Charcoal is the dream cure for this stage. Charcoal will draw out any oils and excess sebum that can clog your pores and lead to more pimples.

Try to refrain from using any harsh physical exfoliants at this stage, you will make your current pimples painful and could cause harm to the delicate skin which will lead to scabbing and scarring… Not ideal.

Day 2 just use light cleansers and toners, your skin may have broken out a little more, but this is just because all the yucky bits have been brought to the surface. Use a facial steam and gentle cleansers, this will wash away your whiteheads and it’ll prep your skin for tomorrow’s mask. Remember to moisturise, hydration is key in minimising scarring.

Day 3 is mask number two! An ideal candidate is green tea. Green tea is a powerful antioxidant and will also soothe and balance out your skin. Any pimples you had on Monday should now be healing, which is the perfect opportunity to sit back and let the green tea full absorb into your pores. The redness should reduce and any dry, flaky skin will become soothed and softened.

Day 4 again just use a gentle cleanser and toner. You should nearly have party-perfect skin now. The redness should be greatly reduced and dry patches of skin should be healing nicely. One recommendation now should be a gentle exfoliant, ideally, this will be a chemical exfoliant, as you don’t want to aggravate your healing skin. Glycolic acid and lactic acid are perfect for this, as they break down cell barriers. This will lead to dead skin cells being broken down and a higher rate of cell turnover. Hydrate too, please!

Day 5 is your last mask day. It’s time for clarifying and hydrating! Look for a mask with tea tree in. Sometimes tea tree can be too drying, which is why a mask is perfect. Tea tree masks are usually chock full of moisture and will not dry out your skin, they are there to provide a balance of astringent and clarifying properties and super hydration!

Your last remaining problem areas should be clear and healed by now. If you wear makeup, make sure you moisturise before application, but after this, your skin should be a perfect, well hydrated and smooth canvas for makeup or your fave k-beauty routine.

Let us know what you think, or let us know your tips and tricks for tackling your acne. We’d love to hear and try out for yourself.

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November 04, 2018 — Esme Watling

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