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Acai Berry Sheet Face Mask


SKU: 0708315072599
It's winter, the nights are colder, your skin is getting drier and dull - we get it too, that's why we recommend Acai (pronounced; as-sa-e) Berry t...
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Aloe Vera Hydro Jelly Mask


SKU: 0764560540276
You know Aloe Vera, right? Of course... This is the mask for soothing and hydrating. When we say it has a lot of jelly in its belly (well, a pouch ...
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Anti-Ageing Bundle


SKU: anti-ageing-bundle-01
You've seen the full monty, well here is the full... body? Anyway - with our Anti-Ageing bundle, you can fight dehydration, moisturise, lift, firm ...
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Apple & Mint Foot Mask


SKU: 0764560539430
Your feet take a lot every day, and we don't take nearly as best care as we should - with this Korean beauty inspired foot mask, infused with peppe...
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Citrine Face Mask


SKU: 0610877949663
Feeling down? Mindfulness not quite cutting it? Take time out for yourself and chill the heck out with this 4-in-1 Yuzu and Calendula mask. Gemston...
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Classic Collection Bundles

£14.99 £13.00

SKU: 01-Bundle-Classic-1
Easily try and find your favourite mask by trying them all at once, featuring our classic masks that can help detoxify, brighten, plump, lift, clar...
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Cleanse & Detox Bundle


SKU: 3-Cleanse-Detox-Bundle
Winter's here, night comes sooner but to us, that's just more excuse to relax and set aside some me-time. We've put together an essential set of ma...
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Cosmic Blue Glitter Peel Off Mask


SKU: 0610877949809
Are you after some cheap thrills and cosmic peels? We gotchu' - made with Hyaluronic acid, Sapphire and Bamboo powder with rice bran extract to hel...
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Cranberry & Apple


SKU: 0764560540023
Our dual combo pack guarantees a skin boost almost instantly after its first use, leaving you with a super glow. Cranberries in the mask are extrem...
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Dry Skin: Starter Pack


The weather can take a real toll on your skin, extreme cold and artificial heating in the winter can leave skin feeling tight, dry and aching for a...
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Duo Cosmic Glitter Peel Off Pack


SKU: duo-cosmic-glitter
Now more a-peel-in than ever! We've bundled these two sparkling additions together for extra savings! Why not try double-masking and use one on you...
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Egg Sleep In Mask


SKU: 0764560539706
We created the first ever, Egg Sleep-In Mask with a gel-cream formula, to repair and nourish your skin with speed.  Eggs are rich in protein and al...
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Gemstone Bundles


SKU: 9-Gemstone-Bundle-1
Stressed out and low mood? Introducing our gemstone variety bundle! This 4-pack consists of 1 mask of each variety: Sapphire x Blueberry, Jade x P...
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Hydrogel Face Mask


SKU: 0708315072612
One hundred & twenty hours of hydration, and that's clinically proven - this Hydrogel mask is our bestseller and will re-hydrate and keep your ...
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Jade Face Mask


SKU: 0610877949687
Feeling unbalanced? Something not quite right, or maybe Mercury is in retrograde... Our 4-in-1 Jade Mask is here to balance the mind and soothe th...
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Jeju Green Tea Sheet Face Mask


SKU: 0764560540061
A deeply hydrating face mask infused with Jeju Green Tea extracts to cleanse, moisturise and clear skin. The green tea harvested on Jeju Island is...
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