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Acai Berry Sheet Face Mask


SKU: 0708315072599
This brightening mask will add an extra glow to dull, tired complexions. Our Triple Layer sheet is designed to enhance the moisture content wi...
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Apple & Mint Foot Mask


SKU: 0764560539430

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Your feet take a lot every day, and we don't take nearly as best care as we should - with this Korean beauty inspired foot mask, infused with peppe...
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Avocado Sleep In Mask


SKU: 0764560539690
This plumping mask is ideal for mature skin and for those who are seriously into their beauty sleep!  Our Sleep In collections have a unique crea...
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Classic Collection Bundles


SKU: 01-Bundle-Classic-5
 Using simple ingredients and targeted solutions for every skin type. Our Triple Layer sheet is designed to enhance the moisture content within th...
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Deluxe Cleanse & Detox Bundle


SKU: cleanse-detox-bundle-2
Our Deluxe Cleanse & Detox set, with five of our premium masks to work together to create the perfect weekly masking routine. Multivitamin boos...
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Diamond Gold Mask


SKU: 0764560540221
This brightening mask will help give dull skin an evener tone and a serious glow. Our Gold Collection masks use our Ultra Thin sheets for superior...
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Hydrogel Face Mask

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SKU: 0708315072612
This hydrating hydrogel mask provides your skin with 120 Hours Hydration. Ideal for dry skin types. Our Hydrogel mask comes in 2 parts for precis...
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Korean Face Mask Box


SKU: 7-korean-face-mask-box
  This K-Beauty box is an ideal gift for those who want to try each of our Classic collection masks and a selection from our Gold collection, wi...
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Manuka Honey Sheet Face Mask


SKU: 0708315072575
This hydrating mask will add extra moisture to dry, dehydrated skin. Our Triple Layer sheet is designed to enhance the moisture content within the...
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Peach & Honey Hand Mask


SKU: 0764560539423
This moisturising hand mask is ideal for dry, chapped, hardworking hands. The ergonomic design of our hand masks make it easy to apply and carry o...
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Perfect Balance Bundle


SKU: 5-Balance-Bundle
A perfect balance of skincare. Our Perfect Balance collection has a variety of ultra thin and Triple Layer sheet masks to provide superior skin ad...
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