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Deluxe Cleanse & Detox Bundle


SKU: cleanse-detox-bundle-2

Our Deluxe Cleanse & Detox set, with five of our premium masks to work together to create the perfect weekly masking routine.

Multivitamin boosts your skins natural barrier and protects against all the bad stuff everyday life throws at us, while Hydrogel boosts and help your skin retain all hydrating effects for at least 120 hours.

Ruby will help recharge your mind at the end of a busy week and restore your skin to its natural glowing state or purify with the Black gold dust mask to cleanse any impurities away.

Sleep In our Mango serum & cream mask that absorbs within 5 minutes, with no clean-up needed which will soothe and moisturise for a naturally beautiful start to your day.

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