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Dry Skin: Starter Pack


The weather can take a real toll on your skin, extreme cold and artificial heating in the winter can leave skin feeling tight, dry and aching for attention. This 1-week starter kit is great for those with dry skin who need a quick introduction to masking!

This pack contains Manuka Honey, an amazing moisturising mask that is our #1 seller for out dry skin babes! Honey has soothing and antibacterial properties too, so you're getting a super-hydrating and skin boosting mask all in one!

We've also thrown in our Citrine Gemstone Mask, this is going to hydrate your skin, balance your mind and restore your skin; with our saviour Calendula, this mask will give every cell in your skin a super-boost meaning you'll have a unique glow for the whole winter season!

The third mask you'll receive will be our Rose Gold mask. This ultra-thin, soothing mask is going to moisturise any dry areas whilst reducing redness. If you feel you get apple-cheeked in the cold winter air, this mask is going to reduce any redness and give you a unique at-home salon experience, with the added luxe of real gold leaf! Go you!

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