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Problem Skin: Starter Pack



Acne Fighter Kit: Okay, so acne can be a real bummer at times, no matter your age it can flare up at the most inconvenient times. This is why we’ve put together this kit to ensure a smooth and easy journey to clearer and soothed skin.

Multivitamin is a soothing and balancing mask; just what your skin is crying out for. Crammed to the brim with B vitamins, this ultra-thin mask is here to boost your skin and give it all it needs to regenerate and calm itself. This mask is a great every-day mask and will moisturise any dry areas without over-loading pores with excess oils and unnecessary extras. Ahhh, perfect.

The Jeju Green Tea Mask will then soothe and hydrate any angry red patches on your skin, the green tea will work as an antioxidant whilst calming any flare-ups. This mask will leave your skin hydrated without overloading with oil.

The Korean Red Ginseng Mask will hydrate and moisturise, leaving your skin soft to the touch. Any dry and flaky patches will be softened, as at times having dry patches can irritate the skin further. This miracle ingredient is perfect for sensitive skin and will work wonders when trying to get back your skin’s natural balance.

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