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Korean Face Mask Box

£24.99 £22.00

SKU: 7-korean-face-mask-box
We've got Christmas covered for you, worries - be gone! This super collection of 10 face masks and a super-cute Panda headband are the perfect intr...
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Perfect Balance Bundle

£14.99 £13.00

SKU: 5-Balance-Bundle
Our most popular bundle! These 4 exclusive designs are for one, A D O R A B L E... and secondly are the dream team for a serious masking sesh. Shar...
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Classic Collection Bundles

£14.99 £13.00

SKU: 01-Bundle-Classic-1
Easily try and find your favourite mask by trying them all at once, featuring our classic masks that can help detoxify, brighten, plump, lift, clar...
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Sleep In Collection Bundles


SKU: 7-Sleep-In-Bundle-1
So cute, fun, easy-to-use and no clean up needed - our gel & cream formula smoothes and softens skin overnight. Just use the little spoon enclo...
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Deluxe Cleanse & Detox Bundle

£16.99 £15.00

SKU: cleanse-detox-bundle-2
Start off two-thousand and nine-clean with our Deluxe Cleanse & Detox set, with five of our premium masks to work together to create the perfec...
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Gold Collection Bundle


SKU: 2-Gold-Bundle-1
We all need a luxurious indulgence once in a while, right? Yes, yes we do indeed. The Gold collection is our little treat for those days when your ...
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Gemstone Bundles


SKU: 9-Gemstone-Bundle-1
Stressed out and low mood? Introducing our gemstone variety bundle! This 4-pack consists of 1 mask of each variety: Sapphire x Blueberry, Jade x P...
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Problem Skin: Starter Pack


Acne Fighter Kit: Okay, so acne can be a real bummer at times, no matter your age it can flare up at the most inconvenient times. This is why we’ve...
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Vitamasques Collection Box

£165.00 £99.95

SKU: vitamasques-collection-box
For the indecisive, the collector, the face mask enthusiast - we've made "The Box". Featuring one of every mask we make.  Saving you 33% off the en...
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Cleanse & Detox Bundle


SKU: 3-Cleanse-Detox-Bundle
Winter's here, night comes sooner but to us, that's just more excuse to relax and set aside some me-time. We've put together an essential set of ma...
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