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Anti-Ageing Bundle


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You've seen the full monty, well here is the full... body? Anyway - with our Anti-Ageing bundle, you can fight dehydration, moisturise, lift, firm and glow for longer - including treatments for your feet, hands and face - as well as an overnight mask with no clean-up needed.

They say stress is the main cause of ageing and so here we are to alleviate that one mask at a time.

Our recommended plan of action is to indulge in the creme de la creme 'Hydrogel - Rose of Jericho', proven to keep hydration locked within your skin for 120 hours this mask will also boost any moisturising effects from other masks or products.

You can also pair this 30minute treatment with the hands & feet masks, and do a full rejuvenation session (we recommend this be accompanied by a glass of water (read as wine) and Netflix.

The following day or a few days later choose between the Marine Gold or Cranberry & Apple depending on how your skin is feeling and finish off the night with the Avocado sleep-in mask to lift, plump and moisturise with ease.

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