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Perfect Balance Bundle

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Our most popular bundle! These 4 exclusive designs are for one, A D O R A B L E... and secondly are the dream team for a serious masking sesh. Share with pals, or keep them all for yourself. 

Aloe Vera will help soothe and hydrate; Milk will give you a super moisturising and glowing complexion; Multivitamin is the go-to daily mask to boost your skin's defences and Pearl will leave you shining like a... well, a pearl.

Plus you get to try out different types of masks like our 2-step Hydrojelly, which is filled with a huge amount of essence (35ml), or an ultra-thin mask that hugs the contours of your face perfectly or a classic triple-layer sheet cotton mask.

 Bundle Contains:
1 x Aloe Vera 2-Step Hydrojelly Mask
1 x Milk Sheet Mask
1 x Multivitamin Sheet Mask
1 x Pearl Sheet Mask


Please note that this bundle is non-vegan as the Milk Mask contains milk and the Pearl Mask contains pearl extract. 

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