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mask packs

packs designed to give you k-beauty perfect skin

in 3, 7 or 10 days


mask packs

k-beauty perfect skin in 2, 7 or 10 days

We've also created a K-beauty guide for you to download and keep forever. It's packed with handy hints and hacks to get some serious glow back into your skincare routine.  

We also explain how to build your own 10-step beauty routine, alongside a skincare calendar to keep track of what masks to use and when!

Click here to visit the free guide page.

3-Day Mask Pack

» A 3 day bundle designed to detox, soothe and de-puff

» Vegan

7-Day Mask Pack

» A 7 day bundle packed with masks to brighten, hydrate, de-puff and nourish skin

10-Day Face Mask Pack

» This 10 day bundle with give your skin that K-beauty glow you've always wanted

» Free panda headband!

How to fit Korean Skincare Into Your Routine, The Easy Way

"It’s really important not to just jump straight into a full 10-step routine, your skin will feel very overwhelmed and so will your bank balance! The best method is to add one product at a time, slowly building your collection and finding out what your skin really needs.

It’s based on the idea of giving your skin absolutely everything it needs, without mixing all the products together, which can confuse and unbalance your skin (*ahem* throwback to your ex-boyfriend’s 6-in-1 shower gel, YIKES). -  Read more on our blog here.

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