"Best facemask I've ever used"

Hydrate your skin for 120 hours, and it's critically acclaimed by you  - our customers.

prevent wrinkles with long-term hydration

Infused with Rose of Jericho extracts which is nature's miracle plant for locking moisture for years at a time and combined with AMF (Artificial Moisturising Factor) which is clinically proven, with the assistance of nano-particles to stop moisture from evaporating and boosting your skin's natural retention levels.

💗  Improves your skins natural moisture retention levels 
💗  Boosts the effects of all hydration for long-lasting effects
💗 Assists with anti-ageing, long-lasting hydration & a natural glow
💗  Designed to fit everyone - this mask is split into an upper and lower section for ease of use. 

How AMF Works

The AMF formula links water within the skin together, stopping them from evaporating and increasing hydration for longer.

This effect also boosts any other effects of hydration while the formula is active in the skin, making your products work for longer.

The Proof Is In The Skin

Released in 2016 this mask has received amazing reviews from our customers, and subscribers of boxes such as Glossybox, via Amazon, Beautybay and more!

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customer reviews

Best face mask I've ever used!

“100% recommend this mask to anyone looking to re-hydrate their skin! A very easy to apply mask which leaves your skin soft and glowing after just one use. Can't wait to go out and repurchase this as it is now a staple in my pamper routine.”

- Hannah via Glossybox.co.uk

Best face mask ever

“When I received this I was a bit nervous to put it on due to having sensitive skin but it was actually the best mask I've ever used. It did drip once or twice but I usually do sit with a tea towel on my lap when using sheet masks anyways. AMAZING Product and would recommend to anyone! I now have 2 more of their masks (still yet to try though with my ever growing facemask collection) but I am looking forward to it! Also great customer service with the company too.”

- Junelle via Glossybox.co.uk

pick your pack

We offer two varieties that tailor for those that want a quick-fix skincare savior, or for the Hydrogel veteran who knows that these masks are more essential than your favourite mascara.


An individual mask, the perfect solution for a weeks worth hydration in a quick & easy 30 minute session.


Tried it already? why not save and get a pack of 6 for a month's worth of hydration, and you save too!