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Anti-Ageing: Starter Pack


Feel you're in the market for some plumping action? We have the perfect starter kit for you. This pack has been put together with more mature skin in mind, with the goal to boost your collagen production and plump any fine lines or wrinkles.

Our unique Marine Gold blend will start you off with a super-luxe experience, this mask contains marine collagen to plump and smooth and real gold leaf for an added touch of luxury.

You'll also get our #1 best-seller for mature skin, which is our Pomegranate mask. This mask is a 3-in-1 wonder, plumping, firming and lifting - this little pouch really packs a punch. Lay back and let the vitamin C rich essence get to work, promoting higher collagen production and giving you a serious glow.

The last mask you'll receive is our unique Avocado Sleep-in mask. This mask is revolutionary, as it gets to work as your sleep! Simply pop out the little spatula and start to mix in our specialised cream gel combo. Rub into your skin after your usual cleansing routine and pat in any excess, then sleep! Easy peasy! No need to wash off. This mask will plump whilst you get that well-deserved beauty sleep.

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