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Festival Survival Kit

£27.95 £17.95

  • This ultimate festival survival kit, just in time for the Isle of Wight festival! This kit has all you need to refresh and revitalise during a weekend of sun, music and friends.
  • Containing eye pads to depuff, peel off masks to revitalise, our Hydrogel mask to give you 120 hours of hydration and a FREE randomly selected Stylondon metallic tattoo.
  • The caffeine in these eye pads will breathe new life into tired under eyes. With added real diamond powder to brighten dark circles.
  • Our peel off masks are designed to give your skin a total overhaul, remove dead skin and revitalise.
  • AMF (artificial moisturising factor) locks moisture within the skin for up to 120 hours, which is 5 days of beautiful skin.

Eye Pads

  1. Apply pads to clean, dry under eyes.
  2. Relax for 10-15 minutes.
  3. Remove pads and pat remaining serum into the skin (ring finger is best).

Hydrogel 120 Hours

  1. Cleanse face.
  2. Apply sheet to face.
  3. Relax for 10-15 minutes.
  4. Remove sheet and pat remaining essence into the skin.

Cosmic Peel-off

  1. Cleanse and dry face.
  2. Add product to T-Zone and let dry (approximately 15 minutes).
  3. Once dry peel off mask from the bottom.
  4. Follow with your fave moisturiser.


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