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Korean Red Ginseng Sheet Face Mask


SKU: 0764560540054

Inspired by Korean innovation, a triple layer sheet technology designed to enhance the moisture content within the mask and lead to an increased absorption rate within the skin.

Our Korean Ginseng Mask, a super treatment formula, infuses your skin with the necessary phytonutrients from premium quality and responsibly sourced ginseng, minimizing the visible signs of ageing. The highlight of Korean Ginseng is that it can increase collagen of the middle layer dermis which results in fresher, firmer and toned looking skin. It rids your skin of the free radicals that accumulate due to sun exposure, fatigue and environmental pollutants over time.

This mask is power packed with essential nutrients as the roots and leaves of the ginseng plant also contain ample essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants which are proved to be very good for overall skin health and elasticity.

The Korean Ginseng Mask is a brilliant overall complexion booster and is great for refining, rehydrating and regenerating your skin. Ginseng is also helpful in reducing under eye puffiness and lightens dark circles around the eyes; use of the mask minimizes under eye puffiness and dark circles resulting from fatigue and aging.

Made in South Korea.

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