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Orange Slice Eye Mask

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SKU: 0764560539584-5PC

These cooling eye-pads are a dream, honestly. They can be safely applied all over the face and body for a truly unique cooling and softening experience without greasy residues or added fuss.

Pop them in the fridge for an extra boost. 

Enriched with real orange extract and other active botanical ingredients. These are specifically designed to rest on top of your eyes and face as you lie back and relax. A convenient and luxurious soothing therapy for your tired eyes and face, while providing a cooling sensation and natural aroma of freshly cut orange slices. 

  • Made with real orange extract! 

  • Eight re-energising face pads

  • These mini slice masks are perfect for your eyes, face and neck.

  • Re-sealable pouch

  • Made in South Korea

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