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Salon Starter Kit Bundle

£160.00 £100.00


As seen in Professional Beauty 2019 - our exclusive online Salon Starter Kit combines our deluxe Hydrogel Rose of Jericho face mask (Display Box of 12), which provides 120 hours of intense long-lasting hydration plus our brand new Rose Quartz Rollers (x2) as a perfect add-on treatment set.

Use together to increase blood circulation, reduce fine lines and firm skin while boosting all sources of hydration. The Hydrogel mask comes in 2 separate sections, so you can alternate between different areas to provide a lengthy treatment, or roll over the top of the mask to provide even deeper relaxation.

Rose Quartz Rollers - 2 Pack (RRP £60.00)
Hydrogel Rose of Jericho - 12 Pack (RRP £100)

This pack saves you £60.00 overall, plus free shipping!

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